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Here’s the truth.

One. Everyone wants to have fun. Play is innate in the human species.

Two. People remember how you make them feel above all else.

Three. People skills predict your success more than hard skills.

Few DJs and party facilitators realize this. So few are mastering the science of fun. 

The Fun Quotient is an unrecognized competency that enables you to make people feel seen, heard, united, and excited. So that you can get booked more and host more sell-outs.

Be a trend-setter. Distinguish yourself as a party facilitator and host. Never promote a party again—have your guests do it for you.

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Why f.q. matters

✔ facilitate parties that people attend again and again

✔ Spread Positive Mental Health In Everyone You Encounter

✔ be given more career opportunities and private invitations

✔ get Invited to facilitate at larger and larger events

✔ contribute to your social groups like no one else

What You’ll get

✔️ 4 competencies of a high-f.Q. leader

✔️ methods for getting into a social and confident mood

✔️ mental frameworks for overcoming social conditioning

✔️ 5 Tools To Unite And Exhilarate any Social Group

✔️ strategies for encouraging fun in others

What you’ll solve

❌ Freezing in front of an audience

❌ Feeling Awkwardness Or Tension In social interactions

❌ everyone being Bored And Looking At Their Phones

❌ People Not Responding To Your Invitations

❌ People trying to escape Or Leave Early


People call me The Party Scientist. 

I’ve initiated 987+ peak party experiences across 13 countries. Here’s the catch: with complete strangers.

I created F.Q. for community facilitators, conveners, and DJs who love giving joy & mental health, as much as I do.

I created F.Q. to combat loneliness and depression in our culture. My mission is larger than producing another online course that no one needs.

I graduated from pharmacology and gave up on being a doctor after discovering my life purpose was to give the elixir of life—human connection.

I then became an international joy facilitator for fortune 500 events and global festivals.

In my life of facilitating fun across tens of countries, I have realized one thing. I.Q. and E.Q. are overrated.

People care how you make them feel and people want to have fun.

So I have decided to elevate my F.Q. instead. The ‘Fun Quotient.’ I have been training my F.Q. by leading thousands of fun gatherings and parties, mostly with strangers.

F.Q. is new approach to elevating your happiness, social capital, and contribution to your communities and relationships. It is an approach based positive psychology and party science.

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