i'm jacques
w. martiquet

My story in 100 words.

People call me The Party Scientist. 

My mission is to help community leaders, conveners, and event producers unite & vitalize their people by applying social neurochemistry.

Why? Because I care about the mental health of humanity. I want to end loneliness & depression.

The party scientist came to fruition during the ignition of hundreds of renegade dance parties across 13 countries. In public. With complete strangers.

I graduated from pharmacology and gave up on being a doctor after discovering my life purpose was to give the elixir of life—human connection.

This realization emerged while working as an emergency medic at parties and festivals. I witnessed violence, neglect, and drug abuse. This ignited my passion for creating sober party experiences.

After hundreds of parties, Fortune 500 companies, festivals, and universities started to pay me.

Now, I travel the world as an emcee, joy ignitor, and one-man-festival. I work with events to unlock the mental health benefits of human connection.

And I am addicted to it.


— Jacques

who is the party scientist?

 an international vitality & joy facilitator on a mission to advance mental health


🧠 Pioneer & facilitator of Vyving

🥼 Social-Bonding researcher

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology

Refer or Consult The Party Scientist if…

✅ You need a DJ, emcee, entertainer, speaker, or special workshop for your virtual or real event.

✅ You want to give your guests a new experience they will talk about for years.

✅ You care about the mental health and belonging of your guests.

✅ You are driven to combat loneliness and depression by spreading healthy human connection.