Welcome. It’s Jacques the social-bonding facilitator.

You have a passion for facilitating transformational meetings. 

I do too.

I am excited about equipping group facilitators with the power of joy and connection.

I help pioneering facilitators bring fun, joy, and connection into their sessions, in ways that improve learning, relationships, and enjoyment.

The 21st century is the century of loneliness. And we know the more connected your guests are, the more engaged they’ll be.

Human connection is not measurable, but its impact is immeasurable.

Here’s how I can serve you.

Facilitation Consultation
Raise the vibe of your session. In one Zoom call, I’ll give you pragmatic tools for boosting the energy, engagement, and fun in your sessions.

Activity Selection
Get equipped with innovative group exercises. I’ll pick one from my database of 600 activities, perfect for you. I’ll provide instructions on how to lead it.

This is my expertise.

My life mission is to spread the health benefits of human connection. I’m looking for allies.

Request a health check for your existing session or meeting and I’ll provide tailored recommendations. Pro bono.


— Jacques

Global professional conferences, Fortune 500s & international festivals have created top-rated event experiences with me.

who is the party scientist?


🧠 Creator of Vyving™

🥼 Chief Connection Scientist

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology