We did our research, and invented a new form of entertainment.

A breakthrough experience based on the science of bringing people together.

Imagine everyone around you smiling, laughing, singing, and celebrating together.

You feel included, united, and at ease. You feel like you are with old friends.

We make this happen—anywhere, anytime. It’s called vyving.


Our clients vary from the DJ MAG #1 Music Festival in North America, to the Forbes #1 Mid-sized Employer.

Great events engage, animate, and unite their guests. That’s why LUSH hosted a Vyve!

For every audience, and every objective. Music is the universal human language.

Why host a Vyve?

For Physical Fitness 💓
Vyves involve vigorous movement, for all physical abilities.

For Fun 😛
Participants consistently have fun, because it is designed to be fun.

For going Alcohol-free 🥤
The experience alone gets people to where they need to be to dance and play their hardest.

For Social Connectedness🤝
The science-based activities are designed to catalyze social connections and cultivate group unity.

For Mental Health 🧠
Vyves are designed to relieve stress by evoking positive emotions through physical activity and emotional expression.

For Consent ☮️
A trained facilitator shapes an environment in which participants respect each other’s boundaries, and high-five each other for invitations AND rejections.

More experiences.

Energizers focused on uniting your audience.

Raise the energy, focus, and mood of everyone in the room. Through a rapid series of dance activities, you will get connecting, high-fiving, grooving and moving, like the thousands of runners at the Vancouver Marathon.

Not your Typical Speaking Presentation.

Jacques W. Martiquet, BSc. Pharmacology, will inspire, entertain, and unite your audience. All the while educating them on the neuroscience of human connection and how you can harness it.

Events you have never heard of.

Bring your people together in a way they will never forget. We are likely the only entertainment agency who offers experiences like this.

Activations and Pop-Ups that astonish.

Catalyze “Holy crap, is this happening?!” moments. Surprise your guests with fun, inviting, and one-of-a-kind moments.