My mission is to upgrade how humans gather by helping event producers apply the science of human connection.

I am excited about your event because you’re committed to community and willing to innovate. The State Of The Ocean Address showed me this.

— Jacques

The experiences herein all share one goal.

To create a sense of vitality and belonging for your guests.

Certified Party Crash

A theatrical stage takeover immersing guests in playful, uniting activities. The show induces a “I don’t know what just happened but I’ll remember it forever.”  response.

Greeting Experiences

Micro activations such as huddles, singalongs, and high-intensity dance intervals intended to connect guests with each other before boarding.

Vyving Class

A form of ecstatic dance focused on “getting high through human connection.” It incorporates games, line dances, and other activities I have invented.

Main stage Party Crash


vyving class

greeting experiences

Here’s my method.

I am on a mission to spread the mental and physical health benefits of human connection.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve developed a new practice that combines meditation, movement, laughter, gratitude, and joyful connection.

It’s called vyving and it’s designed to unlock the full health benefits of connection.

It has taken me 1100+ sessions to develop vyving. During the process, which took place across 14 countries, I discovered the research on social neurochemistry.

This discovery led me to start designing activities that evoke the release of happiness neurotransmitters: Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

Vyving is a sequence of these activities, featuring movement, positive social connection, song, and laughter.


Transportation, Food, Lodging covered with bonus provided if my experiences are mentioned in customer survey with a proposed frequency.

who is the party scientist?

 an international vitality & joy facilitator on a mission to advance mental health 


🧠 Pioneer & facilitator of Vyving

🥼 Social-Bonding researcher

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology


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