A workshop for creating joy & belonging in your gathering.

You’re invited to my monthly event designed for daring leaders and facilitators.

Learn to avoid your people feeling disengaged, disconnected, & distracted!

Don’t be one of those ‘formal’ leaders who believes being fun is genetic.

Instead, Apply The Science Of Human Connection In Your Events.

I want to enable you to spark more joy and belonging in your events.

In 45 minutes, I will share all my failures & feats as a scientist of fun and reveal 4 tools to embody fun & ignite it in a professional context.

You’ll receive an email immediately including my quick masterclass: 4 Habits For Facilitating Fun & Belonging.

I cannot wait to train with you!

— The Party Scientist

The fun scientist


⚡ Internationally known as the party scientist

🧠 Creator Of Fun Quotient framework

🥼 Social-Bonding researcher & specialist

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology

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Here’s the truth.

One. Everyone wants to have fun. Play is innate in the human species.

Two. People remember how you make them feel above all else.

Three. People skills predict your success more than hard skills.

Few leaders and facilitators realize this. So few are mastering the science of fun. 

The Fun Quotient is an unrecognized leadership competency that enables you to make people feel empowered, united, and excited. So that you can improve morale, creativity, and belonging in your group.

Be a trend-setter. Distinguish yourself as a leader and facilitator. Stop playing it safe with “best practices=common practices”

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Why f.q. matters

✔ facilitate meetings that people want to attend

✔ Turn work into an enjoyable team experience

✔ Spread Positive Mental Health In Everyone You Encounter

✔ be given more career opportunities and private invitations

✔ contribute to your social groups like no one else

What You’ll get

✔️ 4 competencies of a high-f.Q. leader

✔️ methods for getting into a social and confident mood

✔️ mental frameworks for overcoming social conditioning

✔️ 5 Tools To Unite And Exhilarate any Social Group

✔️ strategies for encouraging fun in others

What you’ll solve

❌ Freezing in front of an audience

❌ Feeling Awkwardness Or Tension In social interactions

❌ everyone being Bored And Looking At Their Phones

❌ People Not Responding To Your Invitations

❌ People trying to escape Or Leave Early

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