You’re here because you have a passion for the future of events and human connection.

Exit this page if you’re not ready to evolve past events that encourage non-participation, lower vitality, waste time, and give hangovers.

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We’re both excited about designing event experiences that nourish the guests, while creating a long-term impact.

I help event leaders do this by…

(1) showing them how to apply the science of belonging at their events.

(2) leading non-traditional communal joy experiences & energizers at their events.

My life’s mission is to spread the health benefits of human connection.

Join me on this mission.

Let’s strategize.

— Jacques

Global professional conferences, Fortune 500s & international festivals have created top-rated event experiences with me.

who is the party scientist?


🧠 Creator of Vyving™

🥼 Social-Bonding Scientist

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology