Boost Your Teams’s Belonging, Joy, & Vitality in 10 Minutes… with no planning.

How? Press play on my guided video on a TV. That’s it!

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“This was the most engaging session I’ve ever experienced.

— George, workshop participant

“I’ve never seen adults participate like that in an educational session.
I was taking notes.”

— Dani, Meeting Professionals International

“I’ve been in the meetings industry for so many years.
And I’ve never come across what you have.

— Sarah, LUSH Cosmetics


Raise your energy with movement.

Cultivate belonging with connection.

Ignite joy with science-based games.

You ready to innovate?


Before reading on, I’ll be honest. My videos are likely too much for you. If you’re not willing to take risks as a community leader, I’d recommend closing this page.

With that out of the way, I’m Jacques. I’m on Earth to give greatest antidepressant: Joyful Human Connection 🧠

Ever since saving youth from drug overdoses as a party medic, it’s been my mission to empower others to facilitate healthy happy social connections.

My Team-Building videos are intended to do just that, without my physical presence and at a fraction of the cost. In less than 15 minutes, your people will feel uplifted, included, & united. It’s all based on 8 years of leading group experiences for 1000s of people, at festivals, conferences, and corporate offsites.

You play the video on a TV screen in your living room, board room, conference room. Wherever. Then, it guides your group through 3 stages, beginning with relaxation, then vitalization, and concluding with human connection.

Conventional team-building is shallow & ineffective. Trivia, game shows, and entertainment do not lead to long-lasting healthy & supportive work relationships.

I make these videos because I believe joyful human connection is the greatest antidepressant and I want everyone to get their daily dose.

Watch me explain here.

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My Life Purpose

I discovered my life purpose while saving youth from drug overdoses as a festival medic. I now know I’m on Earth to prescribe the greatest anti-depressant: Joyful Human Connection.

I do this by uniting & uplifting humans as a speaker, workshop facilitator, and trainer. Whatever I am doing, I equip guests with ‘joy skills’ — techniques to elevate their own joy and the joy of others.

My sessions are ‘different’ you could say. It’s education that feels like a party. They’re interactive, fun, and high-energy. This is why, usually, no one is on a screen during my sessions.

My science of joy methodology makes guests feel more alive, connected, & safe to be their whole selves. Science of joy? Yes, that’s my focus.

My experiences work to evoke joy & social trust neurotransmitters. The skills taught are intended to help leaders do the same, with the outcome of healthier relationships, bodies, and brains.

In doing all this, I hope to normalize a higher standard for human interpersonal interactions. I want more humans feel the health benefits of joyful connection.

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