Whether its a holiday party or an annual general meeting, I specialize in designing experiences that foster authentic, fun relationships.

I lead ‘deep fun’ experiences that employees tell stories about to new hires.

— Jacques, Creator of Vyving™

meaningful experiences

Vitality VYVE

This is my signature wellness experience, guaranteed to flood the brain with healthy neurotransmitters and generate lasting social bonds.

Focused on “getting high through human connection,” it incorporates games, line-dances, and other activities I have invented based on social neurochemistry.

It’s all adjusted to the comfort level of your group.

Belonging VYVE

This is an authentic connection experience involving vulnerability and story-telling exercises, designed to deepen psychological safety and trust.

It invites guests to remove their professional mask and reveal the humanity in themself.

It’s slower, deeper, and more tender. Example exercises include The Life Journey Stories and Show-n-Tell.


Build Relationships On Your Team

This workshop gives your leaders the ability to design meetings that unite and vitalize their team. Participants leave with a toolkit for creating joy & belonging whenever they gather.

The goal is to help organizations operationalize wellness and culture into their gatherings.