translate your
event budget into community & relationships

If there’s one thing event producers ignore too often, it’s that the quality of human connections at their event determines future attendance.

— Jacques

Here’s how I can help you as a researcher of human connection.

I want to help you design experiences that are nourishing and exhilarating. Experiences that create a lasting sense of community. Experiences that sell out when tickets go on sale.

My expertise is the science of human connection. The social neurochemistry of shared experiences.

My life’s mission is to enable event professionals to spread the health benefits of human connection. It’s an elixir of life. And I believe it is fundamental to human thriving and societal health.

I can help you spend your budget on things that matter: a sense of intimacy, joy, & safety.

Let’s advance the events industry together.

That’s me in action. Facilitating vyving.

My life’s mission is to combat the rise of loneliness and depression by transforming how humans gather.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve developed a new way of coming together that combines meditation, movement, laughter, gratitude, and joyful connection.

It’s called vyving and it’s designed to unlock the full health benefits of connection.

It’s taken me 1100+ sessions to develop it. I’m now ready to share it with leaders in the events and meetings industry. Courageous leaders.

I want to work with you to raise the mental health and belonging of everyone who attends your event.

Schedule an advisory chat and let’s strategize about making your event one that leaves your guests asking two questions.

“When is your next event?!”
And… “Can I bring my friends!?”

🥼 The Party Scientist
🎓 BSc. Pharmacology
🌎 International Facilitator

PS: Global conferences, Fortune 500 companies & international festivals have hired me to design experiences.

who is the party scientist?

 an international vitality facilitator on a mission to advance mental health


🧠 Pioneer & facilitator of Vyving

🥼 Social-Bonding researcher

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology

Consult The Party Scientist if…

✅ You need a DJ, emcee, entertainer, speaker, or special workshop for your virtual or real event.

✅ You want to give your guests a new experience they will talk about for years.

✅ You care about the mental health and belonging of your guests.

✅ You are driven to combat loneliness and depression by spreading healthy human connection.


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what is vyving?

At an average event, you eat, drink, and talk. At a vyve, you get high off human connection.

Vyves are professionally-facilitated vitality classes that unlock the full health benefits of human connection.

Based on the science of social-bonding, they leverage dance, song, play, touch, and gratitude. In a customized sequence.

The practice of vyving was developed in The Party Scientist’s laboratory and is scientifically proven to:

✅ Flood the brain with healthy neurotransmitters

✅ Cultivate a sense of safety and belonging

✅ Annihilate stress and loneliness

Other wellness practices fail to unlock the potential health benefits of human connection.

I offer three customized Vyves.

1. Belonging Vyve

This experience involves vulnerability and story-telling exercises designed to deepen psychological safety and belonging. It’s slower and deeper.

2. Vitality Vyve

This party features games, movement, music, and song. It’s my signature wellness experience, guaranteed to flood the brain with healthy neurotransmitters.

3. Meeting Facilitation Training

This workshop gives your guests the ability to design meetings that unite and vitalize their participants. I share my tools and principles for creating joy & belonging.

virtual vyve

physical vyve