If there’s 1 thing bio-hackers ignore too often, its the quality of their human connections. This is your invitation to change that.

— Jacques

My mission is to help high-performers access the full health benefits of human connection.

Why? Because I care about the mental health of humanity. I want to end loneliness & depression.

Biosocial hacking is the practice of applying evidence-based techniques to evoke more joy and intimacy in one’s human connections.

It is the best approach I know for living a long and happy life. Backed by meta-analyses.

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ps: Medical conferences, Fortune 500s & international festivals have trusted me to design human connection experiences for them.

That’s me in action. Biosocial Hacking.

My life’s mission is to combat the rise of loneliness and depression by transforming how humans connect.

Over the last 5 years, I developed a framework called ‘Fun IQ’ based on what I learnt leading thousands of gatherings. I also developed new ways of coming together that combine meditation, movement, laughter, gratitude, and joyful connection.

Biosocial hacking is about leveraging these techniques to unlock the full health benefits of connection.

I want to work with you to raise your mental and physical health by means of raising your relational health.

Schedule an advisory chat and you can ask me anything you want about biosocial hacking. It’s my purpose to create new biosocial hackers.

🥼 The Party Scientist
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PS: Global conferences, Fortune 500 companies & international festivals have hired me to design experiences.

who is the party scientist?

 an international vitality & joy facilitator on a mission to advance mental health 


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🎓 BSc. Pharmacology

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You care about the mental health and belonging of your guests.

You want to combat loneliness and depression by spreading healthy forms of human connection.


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