If there’s 1 thing you ignore too often in your quest for peak performance and optimized health, it’s the quality of your human connections.

This is your invitation to change that.

— Jacques, Creator of Bio-Social Hacking

My mission is to help high-performers access the full health benefits of human connection.

Why? Because I care about the mental health of humanity. I want to end loneliness & depression.

Biosocial hacking is the practice of applying evidence-based techniques to evoke more joy and intimacy in one’s human connections.

It is the best approach I know for living a long and happy life. Backed by meta-analyses.

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The science

That’s me in action. Leading a social-bonding experience for LUSH cosmetics.

This is my way of spreading the mental and physical health benefits of human connection.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve developed a new practice that combines meditation, movement, laughter, gratitude, and playful connection. Professionally facilitated and based on the science of social-bonding.

It’s called vyving and it’s designed to unlock the full health benefits of connection.

Vyving is the product of 1100+ experimental parties and workshops over the last 6 years.

During the process, which took place across 14 countries, I discovered the research on social neurochemistry.

This discovery led me to start designing activities that evoke the release of happiness neurotransmitters: Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Vyving is a sequence of these activities.

I’m now ready to share vyving with movers and shapers in the events & meetings industry. Courageous ones.

I want to work with you to raise the mental health and belonging of everyone who attends your event.

Schedule an advisory chat and let’s strategize about making your event one that leaves your guests happier and healthier, asking two questions.

“When is your next event?!”
And… “Can I bring my friends!?”

🥼 The Party Scientist
🎓 BSc. Pharmacology
🌎 International Facilitator

PS: Global conferences, Fortune 500 companies & international festivals have hired me to design experiences.

who is the party scientist?

 an international vitality & joy facilitator on a mission to advance mental health 


🧠 Pioneer & facilitator of Vyving

🥼 Social-Bonding researcher

🎓 BSc. Pharmacology

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You need a DJ, emcee, entertainer, speaker, or special workshop for your virtual or real event.

You want to give your guests a new experience they will talk about for years.

You care about the mental health and belonging of your guests.

You want to combat loneliness and depression by spreading healthy forms of human connection.


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