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Imagine your guests completely involved, putting down their phones, and connecting in ways they haven't before. All while feeling a sense of fun instead of work.Imagine them telling you afterward: "I've been to hundreds of conferences and this was the most impactful opening." Imagine them asking you: "When is the next one?!"The norm is starting your meeting with speeches. Instead, kick off your meeting by reinforcing joy & belonging.

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Does your event need an opening and closing activation? Depends on your goals. Let me explain how it works.


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People have found my ideas worth sharing. Since becoming the party scientist, 40 stories have been published.


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I've led ceremonies for thousands of events — from 20000-person marathons to corporate events to music festivals.

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I have led experiences for the young and old, English and non-English, corporate and non-corporate. I adjust to the comfort level of your group.


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I'm on Earth to spread the anti-depressant benefits of joy & human connection. I discovered this mission while saving lives as a festival medic.

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